Kemper Systems

Whitestone Property Services utilise a range of roofing product solutions offered by market leader Kemper System, whose products and systems have a proven track record, spanning 50 years.

Kemper System is the world’s leading cold liquid applied flat roofing and waterproofing system and the application of Kemperol products may only be undertaken by approved contractors.

As such, both ourselves and our clients, benefit from the training, technical support and full regional site support services provided by Kemper System.

Kemperol roofing membrane is used worldwide and is ideally suited to the refurbishment of flat roofs, flat roof repair and replacement and is also used as the waterproofing for balconies, walkways, warm roofs, inverted roofs and green roof systems.

It offers specific advantages over partially bonded, layered liquid sheet membrane or hot applied materials, in that Kemperol bonds directly to almost all sub surfaces, providing a UV stable membrane which is seamless, benefits from elastomeric properties and cannot lift or peel.

In addition to Kemperol roofing membrane products, we utilise a range of liquid applied systems from the Kemper System stable, which have been developed to provide a solution for differing environments.

One of these products is solvent and odourless free and is ideally suited to projects where environmental considerations are of importance, or when working in occupied premises, where fumes from solvent must be avoided.

Another liquid product from the Kemper Range is ready to use from the can and is ideal for usage on roofing details such as gutters and upstands and is also ideal for the protection of walkways, balconies, terraces and patios.

Kemper system products are the ideal choice for all new build, repair or refurbishments projects including.

  • Flat roofs, balconies, terraces, walkways and podiums
  • Complex detailing
  • Water features including fountains
  • Waterproofing gutters, finlock gutters and valley gutters
  • Drainage channels
  • Plant rooms and wet rooms.
  • Metal profile roofing sheets

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